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Ask us anything. We are here to help.


"Can I mix the sizes if I order the starter kit" For example small cup, medium fixation pants and large gaiter.

Absolutely, we want to ensure you have the maximum comfort possible. Just email us with your requirements and we shall make sure your sizes are respected.


1. "What happens if the urine bag is filled with air"?

Air is pumped in and out, when the flexible cup is compressed and released as you move. Most the air will be released through the membrane in the cup. But if the membrane is too tight the air cannot escape and will instead be pumped into the bag. This will close the non-return-valve at the inlet of the urine bag and lock the air in it.

The advice is:

  • Try a bigger size of membrane.

  • Wear loose fitting trousers. Tight jeans are not recommended.


2. "Can the membrane come off the Cup"?

Very rarely, but if it does the reasons may be:

  • That the membrane is too tight for you.

  • If the system is removed whilst wearing trousers which are tight fitting.


3. "Why have you designed the membrane to be able to be removed"?

  • The membrane is designed to be taken off by those who wish to be extra thorough with the cleaning. It can simply be mounted again, but please be careful to put the flange properly back in place.


"I'm a trader is it possible to sell Urox in my shop"?

We have very strict regulations in place. Anyone who sells our products must be already trading in the healthcare sector, have a VAT number and must be prepared for us to come in and train your sales team so they can offer the best possible service regarding our products.


"Can I make some suggestions on design to you"?

Of course you can. We are always happy to hear ideas on how to improve our products.

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