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 UROX Cup:

  • Membrane silicone sealing in 4 sizes

  • Applies a pressure lower than pressure in capillary veins

  • One-size PVC Cup

  • 50 cm quality PVC tubing

  • Outlet antikink feature

  • Soft and pliable

How to fit the Urox cup

The penis is inserted into the cup through a flexible silicone membrane. The membrane adapts to the varying diameters of penis, and will accommodate minor inaccuracies in measurements as well.

What Urox cup offers

  • Easy to put on – easy to take of

  • Reusable

  • Comfortable and secure while sitting, standing, walking, jogging, golfiing or biking

  • Allows plenty of air to circulate around penis

  • Discrete and masculine

  • No adhesive


Measure the circumference of your penis with a tape measure. The circumference should be measured approximately on the middle of the relaxed penis.

Circumference                        Diameter     Size
7-9cm       (2.75"- 3.5")              25mm       S
8.5 -10cm  (3"- 4")                     30mm       M
9,5-11 cm   (3.7"- 4.33")             35mm      L
10,5-13 cm (4.13"- 5")                40mm      XL



  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra Large

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