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The UROX Urine Bag System for Men is a sleek and discreet alternative to ordinary urine bags.

Designed by Urologic in Denmark, leaders of male urinary custom wear for men.

The Kit contains a cup with tube; urine bag/gaiter for collection of urine up to 600ml, a bottle containing 250ml of rinsing liquid; as well as one pair of UROX fixation pants to secure the cup and tubing, available in Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The kit is sold with a UROX Toilet Bag for practical storage of the UROX system when not in use.


The Cup is made in soft and pliable PVC with a flexible silicone membrane which adapts to varying diameters of penis. Attached to the cup is a 50 cm quality PVC tube. The anti-kink feature ensures unrestricted flow no matter whether you're seated or standing.

The cup tubing will also fit most other NHS catheter bags

UROX Leg Gaiter

The PVC-bag is placed on the shin, where least perspiration is generated and where the weight of a full bag is least bothersome. Due to the elasthan material, the weight of the bag is distributed evenly over the entire calf. This gives a minimal disturbance of blood circulation.

The extra-long outlet tap ensures easy emptying with no dripping in shoes and the folding-up of the tap ensures discretion and security.

A non-return valve is built into the inlet fitting at the top of the integrated urine bag.

The gaiter will contain 600 ml of urine.


UROX Fixation Pants


The Fixation pants have a special fly used to keep the cup and the tube in place when you are using the system.Unlike other good quality trunks several convenience features are designed into the UROX underpants:•    No seams on the back means nothing to irritate the skin, if you have to sit for a long time,•    Lots of room in the front,•    Special design fly which actually opens as needed•     Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastan. The elastan keeps the underpants snug and comfortable.

UROX Rinsing Liquid

The rinsing liquid is designed for easy and safe maintenance of your UROX-system. The rinsing liquid creates a surface on the inside of the implement which reduces bacterial growth and colonization.

Compared to normal detergents it is very gentle on the skin, as well as the fragile materials and membranes of the UROX-system. It contains no allergens and consists of skin friendly ingredients only. Instead of sterilizing, the UROX rinsing liquid adds a surface to the system, which prevents germs from colonizing as long as the surface is intact. Preventing colonization means controlling odour and hygiene.

UROX Toilet Bag

The toilet bag is a practical place to store your UROX System when it is not used. The front of the bag is an open net, allowing the system to dry in the bag in the event it is stored while still moist.

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